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Bloomoon Garden Gate Scarf - 6.00
Bloomoon Garden Gate Scarf

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Bloomoon Garden Gate Scarf

Knit this scarf in black to look like an old iron gate. The open-weave "lattice" lends itself to some vine-like stems topped by colourful flowers!

The Garden Gate scarf can be customised in so many ways. Knit it as shown and you're sure to get positive comments on your unique scarf!

Use lots more flowers if you want.
Find different knit (or crochet) flower patterns and make your scarf a "mixed bouquet"! You can use felted flowers and make the stems 'grow' straight up or twist and turn like a vine.

The scarf is knited with a dk weight yarn. You can lengthen or shorten the center ribbed section, depending on if you want it to wrap around your neck (or not), or how many times you want it to wrap.




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