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Stitch Diva ~ Shimmering Thread Necklaces - 5.25
Stitch Diva ~ Shimmering Thread Necklaces Stitch Diva ~ Shimmering Thread Necklaces

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Crochet Patterns - Quick shimmer!

With just a few hours, some basic crochet skills, sparkling beads and a little crochet thread you can create shimmering, multi-layered crochet necklaces that skim and sparkle around your neckline. Stitch Diva present a pattern "tool kit" for creating delicate crochet beaded necklaces, then provide you four different examples of how to create a personalized necklace just right for you.

Pictured clockwise starting at upper left:

* Ocean: A torsade-style necklace that drapes tranquil blooms around your neckline.

* Brazil: A spicy lariat-style necklace to give your outfit a little sizzle.

* Violet Garden: A fresh and alive necklace with a subtle graduation.

* Venetian: With its bold colour palette, this necklace would look wonderful with a low-cut blouse and blazer.

* Skill Level - Uses repetitive stitch patterns, simple shaping and simple finishing.

* Finished Size - Varies

* Featured Yarn(s) Featured thread - Presencia Finca Perle Size 12

* Substitute Yarn Gauge - Size 20 Crochet Thread

* Yardage Requirement - Small yardage amount of 4 colours of thread for each necklace


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