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Stitch Diva ~ Single Skein Stuff - £5.25
Stitch Diva ~ Single Skein Stuff Stitch Diva ~ Single Skein Stuff

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This stylish collection of less-than-one-skein projects is full of “cheats” and “tricks” that make a little bit of yarn, skill (and time!) go a long way.
Perfect for last minute gifts, we present 4 wonderful ways to use your single skeins and leftover yarn in impressive little ways.

Items in the collection include:

Wavy Headband (Pictured top): A clever use of just a little bit of yarn makes a perfect fit for any sized head: just stop when you get the right fit! No seaming is required, beads are optional, or use a fancy yarn for some really low-effort impact!
Evening Bag (Pictured middle): Aptly named, this very clever little bag can be knit in just one evening. Using short rows and a stitch that really highlights beautiful yarn, it is a snap to create, requiring minimal yarn and absolutely no seaming.
Grecian Headband (Pictured lower left): This is a very fast little knitting project and perhaps even a “cheat”. But you will look very patrician in this classic, adjustable head ornament made of twisted cord and a little knitting.
Waist Cincher (Pictured lower right): This wrap-around, obi-style belt is slimming and very, very stylish. Worked from short end to short end, just stop knitting once you reach the perfect fit.




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