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Louet North America Yarns, available at Pavi Yarns, produces the most stunning selection of yarns containing natural and luxury fibres. The Louet Yarns are available in a beautiful selection of colours and these include the highly praised Euroflax, KidLin and MerLin.

Trudy Van Stralen is the founder of Louet North America and remains the driving creative force behind its continued product development.

Trudy developed a reputation in the hand dyeing community in the mid 70's. Trudy dyed with nature's palette, (natural dyes) creating wonderful colour ranges of wool fleece, mohair fiber and yarn. She sold her dyed fibres from her small shop, in the same location that Louet North America now calls home.

Louet produces extraordinary fibres, gorgeous colours, wonderful patterns. Louet is a company sensitive to environmental issues and they focus on using the best of traditional and contemporary techniques, in order to produce the highest quality products they have held a reputation for during the past 30 years.

Pavi Yarns is delighted to be able to offer the Louet product line to its customers. We hope you enjoy using them.
Louet Bonnie Yarn Louet Bonnie Yarn
Louet Clyde Yarn Louet Clyde Yarn
Louet Circus Yarn Louet Circus Yarn
Louet Riverstone Chunky Louet Riverstone Chunky


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