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Pavi Yarns are really pleased to be able to offer you Trendsetter and Lane Borgosesia yarns, all of which are spun in Italy.

Trendsetter and Lane Borgosesia use only the finest quality yarn fibres and the selection is stunning. The ever popular Trendsetter Dune and Trendsetter Segue Ribbon are available.

Lane Borgosesia Cashwool is a parcicularly popular laceweight merino and the 4ply and DK versions of Lane Borgosesia include Merino Otto and Merino Sei.

You will be spoiled for choice. Hope you have fun experimenting with these exceptional knitting yarns.
Trendsetter Cash Woole Trendsetter Cash Woole
Trendsetter Dune Trendsetter Dune
Trendsetter Gardenia Trendsetter Gardenia
Trendsetter Merino VIII Trendsetter Merino VIII
Trendsetter Scarf Mesh Trendsetter Scarf Mesh
Trendsetter Segue Ribbon Trendsetter Segue Ribbon
Trendsetter Stripe Merino Trendsetter Stripe Merino
Trendsetter Tiffany Trendsetter Tiffany
Trendsetter Tonalita Trendsetter Tonalita


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