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Araucanía Yarns is a group of artisans and designers dedicated to the artisan dyeing of fibres for weaving and knitting located in Santiago, Chile, on the southwest corner of South America.

The Araucania Yarns family joined their talents and experience to create a company with the goal of introducing these traditional products, with their unique style, to the world outside their country.

Araucania are inspired by their very diverse natural environment, using imagination and rigorousness in the professional formation to create gorgeous colour selections. Araucania are constantly working on developing the range of natural yarns and fibres featuring their exclusive variegated colours, based entirely on their own careful handcrafted process.

Each hank is different; its individual beauty emerges as the artisan blends colour to create several unique shades. Each fibre is carefully selected from Araucania's providers around the world, (from the Patagonian Wool to the Peruvian Alpaca, from Turkish Angora to Egyptian Cotton) to offer the best textures possible.

The random colour placement of Araucania's dyes, together with the smooth feel of their yarn blends, will inspire you to create a beautiful and unique project. For even colour distribution, Araucania recommend alternating between skeins while knitting.
Araucania Pomaire Araucania Pomaire
Araucania Pehuen Araucania Pehuen
Araucania Quellon Araucania Quellon


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