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Noni Patterns at Pavi Yarns are the creation of fibre artist Nora Bellows, who set about producing exciting one-of-a-kind bags for private commission.

Now Nora Bellows has made her designs available to the intrepid knitter! During the Autumn/Winter of 2005, Nora started the design company Noni Patterns and launched a collection of eight fashionable and eye-catching bag and embellishment patterns. The bag patterns are accessible, beautifully produced, affordable and well-written for all knitters who wish to explore the world of felted designs.

The best way to describe these bags are using the words of Nora herself:

"Fun. Colourful. Unusual. Full of texture and life. Sexy. Soft. Pettable. Eye-catching .... eye candy. Unique. Feminine. Wild. Different. Daring. Bold. Sassy. Traffic-stopping ... no joke! You have seen a lot of bags, but you have never seen anything like a Noni Bag.

Make your own Noni Bag! Noni patterns are available to the intrepid novice and experienced knitter alike. If you are ready to be stared at, ready to make a statement, purchase a Noni Pattern now!"
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