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Pavi Yarns Variety Bags

Pavi Yarns Variety Bags

These brilliant bags contain an incredible selection of fancy yarns totalling 45m. The secret of the popularity of the range is that the yarns may be used by experts to produce stunning work and by youngsters to make their first piece! The packs contain a range of fibres of various thicknesses and are ideal for anybody needing a wide variety in small quantities.
All bags contain at least one each of the ribbon, chenille, glitter and mohair yarns found in the inspiration packs and a variety of other textured yarns including loops, slubs and bouclés.
Perfect for creative and freestyle embroidery, textured tassels and braids, tapestry and card weaving, freeform knitting and crochet, unique card-making & scrapbooking. Also popular in schools and guilds for projects needing a "little of lots".

Each bag contains 15 threads, each 3m long per colour.

Pavi Yarns Variety Bag ~ Spring - 3.99

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Pavi Yarns Variety Bag ~ Spring


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